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Welcome to the Visionary Ventures Startup Award

The Visionary Ventures Startup Award is not just a competition but a catalyst for innovation,
a beacon for startups and a window into the future for investors and industry leaders.

$ 8.000.000 Prizes

  • Up to 8M funding opportunity from our VCS
  • Opportunity to get fast tracked and guaranteed pitching slot in Outlier Ventures senior investment commitee
  • Mentoring package from Greenfield Capital which will be tailored to the needs of the project
  • $10.000 in Token prize from Animoca Brands
  • Various non-cash prizes, like a booth at our 2025 event or tickets for the #Hinterland24



Pietro Negri

Structuring & Investor Relations Manager

Gleb Dudka


Dominic Briggs

General Partner

Christoph Jentzsch

Founder & CEO

Jason Lau

Chief Innovation Officer

Robby Yung

CEO of Investments

Sven Grabbe

Partner Manager

Tobias Schulz


Olga Feldmeier

Board Chairman

Why Visionary Ventures?

Showcase & Elevate

A platform where the most promising startups gain visibility, showcasing their potential to reshape entire industries.

Discover & Support

An avenue for investors, partners, and collaborators to unearth, back, and elevate the next big innovations.

Legacy & Revolution

Reflecting North Rhine-Westphalia’s rich history as a hub of entrepreneurship, now at the forefront of the Web3 & AI tech revolution.

Synergy & Growth

Celebrating the harmonious blend of traditional businesses with the emerging Web3 & AI ecosystem, fostering innovation across Europe.

Strategic Positioning

Located at Europe’s crossroads, North Rhine-Westphalia offers unparalleled access to major financial hubs, making it the ideal launchpad for Visionary Ventures.


1. Gathering the best minds

Submissions are open until the 7th of April 2024.

2. Setting the stage

Our Jury will select the 3 finalists of each category to pitch live at the CONF3RENCE 2024. The selection will happen until the 28th of April.

3. The grand event

Pitch live on the 15th and 16th of May at CONF3RENCE 2024 for your chance of various prizes and funding opportunities.

Applications closed since April 7 – try again next year!

Dive into our tracks

Blockchain-Driven Industrial Evolution

Revolutionizing industries with blockchain solutions

The Future of Gaming and Entertainment

Merging the world of play with cutting-edge technology

Pioneering Smart Solutions with AI Innovations

Harnessing AI’s transformative impact across diverse sectors

Digital Artistry & Tokenized Creations

Exploring the new frontier of NFTs and digital artistry

Crafting the Next Financial Revolution

Venturing into the realms of DeFi and beyond

The New Digital Experience through VR/AR Innovations

Crafting immersive experiences that redefine reality


Stay tuned for more information about prizes, partners,
and other exciting updates by registering your startup now.

Applications closed since April 7 – try again next year!