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Suitable for everyone who wants to explore the world of Web3: From fundamentals
via real business use cases, to advanced development yet to come.

Getting to know Blockchain

Master the fundamentals of blockchain

Our Blockchain Basics track is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the blockchain technology. From its underlying structure to its simplest bust wide-ranging applications, this track lays out a solid foundation for your blockchain journey. It is well suited for beginners and those looking to refresh their basic knowledge.

Implementing Blockchain into your Business OPERATIONS

Leverage the technology for business transformation

The Blockchain Business track offers space to explore how blockchain technology can drive business transformation. Learn about successful blockchain implementation cases, understand its potential impact on various industries and discover how to integrate blockchain into your business processes. It is the perfect fit for entrepreneurial visionaries and business leaders.


Explore advanced technological developments

Our Advanced Blockchain track is tailored to developers and tech professionals. Dive into the technical aspects of blockchain, learn about smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps) and sophisticated blockchain platforms. This track is a must for those looking to build or enhance their skills in blockchain development!

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Navigating the NFT Landscape

Unlock the potential of digital ownership

Our NFT track offers a deep dive into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens. Understand the fundamentals, explore their diverse applications across industries and learn how to create and trade them effectively. This track is perfect for anyone looking to understand and leverage the potential of NFTs in the digital economy!

Exploring the Metaverse

Step into the future of digital interaction

The Metaverse track invites you to explore the future of digital interaction. Learn about the concept of the Metaverse, its potential impact on social and economic interactions and how businesses can prepare for this next phase of the internet. An ideal choice for forward-thinking individuals and businesses!

Unlocking the potential of AI

Make use of the power of artificial intelligence

Our AI track is designed to demystify Artificial Intelligence. Understand the basics of AI, its various applications and the ethical considerations surrounding its use. Learn how AI is transforming industries and how you can leverage it in your work or business. This track is a must for anyone interested in the transformative power of AI!